NOVA Community

NOVA Community

Real People. Real Faith. Real Life.

We believe that God is doing a new thing in and through his people. Now of course, God has always been doing new things, working in and through all creation and through the agency of the Holy Spirit. Yet this is also a time where former ways of existing and functioning as churches is undergoing profound disruption and challenges. Some of these events are distressing and confronting, but in the grace of God good fruit may emerge.

Nova is another word for 'newness'. In our context, we understand it not just with reference to some of our regular and established patterns of church and associated ministries. Many-but not all-of these may continue (especially our being grounded in a faith with ancient roots), but we are living at a time when some foundational questions are explored anew.

What does it mean to be a follower of Christ in our contemporary world? How might a community of followers of Christ enter into the mission and ministry of Christ, identifying with all creation, people recognised as complex and whole beings, and respecting the invitation to all nations, tribes and cultures to be known as people of the kingdom.

How might we interact as a community characterised by giving and receiving, listening and contributing, of safe space for exploring questions and differing perspectives, of looking outwards while retaining an inner life, of action as much as words?

So our prayer is that we might, in the grace of God, be 'real people', growing deeper into 'real faith', seeking 'real life' in all its moods and seasons.

Regardless of your location, culture or space within the journey of faith, you are welcome to join us!